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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Well I'm with family for two weeks over christmas and new year, but i will still be available for chat, will be busy designing playlist covers for the remainder of my spotify lists will start with the curated lists. which i will add after new years.

Busy watching shed and buried on telly while I type. I have been busy over the last few days preparing for my new hardware. Found out my laptop will upgrade from 6gb to 16gb max so will get new larger capacity solidstate hard drive and more memory. And a new workstation tower unit. And a new synth keyboard. So its a full studio upgrade.

On a more personal note, after 7 years with out a review by any psychiatrist or the benefits agency.  I am supposed to be evaluated every year. They have just discovered now, by chance, after someone randomly checked the records. So i have an outpatients appointment in a few months time. I don't know why the benefits agency have lost contact with me.

Well thats me for now signing off.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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